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Getting in your own way?

"Quandaries are rather like verbal cocoons in which individuals elaborately encase themselves, and from which they do not tend to hatch."
(Edited from Wendell Johnson, People in Quandaries, 1946.)

Semantic AdjustmentTM

Difficulty getting outside the box?

It could be the way you see the world!

Perhaps the most powerful, and vexing, cognitive ability we have is our sense of meaning -- from which we derive conslusions and definitions. The problem is that we make mistakes: we mis-map the territory, and then try to navigate the world by way of those faulty maps.

We have developed a blockbusting technique for sorting out misunderstanding, confusions, and disorientation. You will get back on track with who you really are and what you've always wanted to do in the world.

Semantic Adjustment is an intensive non-evaluative guided introspection procedure which works the client through the underlayments of his or her mental maps and exposes and corrects the hidden elements behind the client's thinking. Semantic Adjustment does not include the practitioner telling the client anything; it is entirely questioning, and draws everything from the client's own thinking, in the highest Socratic tradition.

This service is absolutely voluntary, non-instructive, private and confidential.

No client individual can be required to accept instruction regarding its theory, nor to accept any belief or opinion about it.

We will never report or testify as to any possible or suspected content which may or may not have arisen within any consultation.

Semanitic Adjustment can be a discrete action as needed, or it can be subtly integrated into the overall process, as the client individual prefers.

It does not require recounting any events; its objective is the exposure of seemingly disjointed underlying ideation.

To whatever extent necessary, and due to the special training of our practitioners, confidentiality is guaranteed by the laws regarding confessional.

Now is the time to get the rest of the way on track. Contact us and we'll get you moving.

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